Young Readers

A day of brilliant bookish events for families and children.

Huge thanks to everyone who came along to our first festival day! You can watch a short film of some of the 2018 highlights below.

And keep a weather eye on the horizon for the 2019 line-up. Coming soon...



A Young Reader's Trip to South Africa House

"On Wednesday 15th August 2018 Mummy, Grace and I took the train to London so we could get to South Africa House.

We went to South Africa House so we could attend the book launch of "Grandad Mandela". We went into a room that had lots of South African flags in it.

First, we listened to the story of why they were here from the Mandela family.  Zindzi Mandela (Nelson Mandela’s daughter) read a passage from the book helped by Ziwelene and Zazi Mandela (Nelson Mandela’s great grandchildren).

After this, the children were asked to sit around in a semi circle facing the adults so the children could read the story to the adults with some help from Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter-in-law.  I read 3 bits of the story!!

When this was finished we went to have the book signed.

I was very, very, happy because I saw the Mandela family and I could learn about Nelson Mandela.

I learnt that he was fighting for equality in his country but he sadly got put in prison for a very long time.  I learnt that we should know our human rights."

By Raphael, age 6.

Grandad Mandela