Young Readers

We invite young readers aged 8-13 to review publisher's advance copies of novels, to post on our website and display in the shop.
If you would like to get involved first speak to your adults, then email us with your age and what you like to read about (animals, magic, detectives, history, whatever!)

All reviewed books are available to buy in the bookshop.

Young Reader Reviews
Young Reader Reviews

Latest Young Reader Reviews

Here is a selection of some of our most recent Young Reader Reviews.

We display all of the reviews on our lovely oak tree table and around our children's department.

'I think it was a very funny and surprising book, great for reading any time. King Coo was very, very funny. Ben was clever and Monty was a bully. I liked how Ben and Coo detected Monty. I think it was a great book.' Florence, age 7

'I like this book because it's a page turner because it's so exciting. It's really funny and you just want to know who poisoned everyone. I particularly like how Rory's mind works, all the drawings and questions.' Mireya, age 11

'I really liked 'Twelve Nights because it was very descriptive and I therefore felt as if I was inside the book. It is about a young girl called Kay. Her father goes missing so Kay, along with her sister Ell, set off to find him. Will and Flip, two imps that appear in the middle of the night demanding her father's tooth, join her in their adventure.' Rose, age 10

'I liked this book because of the storyline - the suffragette movement in 1912. It was very well written, and I especially liked how it was written in the form of a series of letters from Mollie to her friend Frances. It is very exciting because Nora and Mollie must keep their Suffragette secret from their family - can they?' Niara, age 12

'To the Edge of the World is about a boy called Jamie, who lived in Scotland. He meets a girl called Mara, and together they prepare to sail to an island in the North. I like this book because the descriptions are amazing. I recommend it to adventure-loving 10 - 12 year olds.' Eve, age 10

'Arthur and Maudie have a mystery to solve. Their father went missing in his air ship in a competition to South Polarus. Their family enemy, Eudora Vane, claims their father was cheating and was attacked by beasts. But what really happened... I love this book because I like the themes of loyalty.'

"I really enjoyed this book. It's about a boy called Nate who visits an old cottage. His mum mysteriously disappeared, so Nate is on his own. Apparently not. With his imaginary friend, Sam, and a treasure hunter Kitty, they attempt to find a lost treasure and lean more about the cottage's past."

"This exciting novel tells the story of Max and his best friend, the [school] caretaker. This story makes me laugh a lot with the silly things that happen. The best bit was when Max found out a secret that the caretaker had kept from him. I love this book."

"I thought this book amazing! I couldn't put it down! It was pulling you in with every word and had you on the edge the whole way through. I really liked the twist at the end about Alice's dad! This would be [the] perfect book for 9 year olds and upwards."

"Night Speakers is about three children who can speak to animals! They all wake up at 1:34AM, and one night they find this mysterious beam of light and follow it. It leads them to a demonic squid and they have an epic battle. I love it. It is a battle of good and evil."

"I enjoyed The Girl Who Saw Lions because it is extremely heart-warming, moving and exciting. It is about a girl who has grown up with her grandmother (Baba) and her sister and her mother. When her mother is ill and needs help, Abela makes a tough journey to the hospital. But then, how did she know she was going to end up in England with an English sister and a mother who was born in Tanzania?"