Young Readers Reviews

We invite young readers to review publisher's advance copies of novels, to post on our website and display in the shop.
If you would like to get involved first speak to your adults, then email us with your age and what you like to read about (animals, magic, detectives, history, whatever!)

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Young Reader Reviews
Young Reader Reviews

Latest Young Reader Reviews

Here is a selection of some of our most recent Young Reader Reviews.

We display all of the reviews on our lovely oak tree table and around our children's department.

The Restless Girls by Jessie Burton

'The Restless Girls was the best story I've ever read!!! It was surprising and was a mystery. It's a story about 12 princesses who have a horrible father and their mother dies. And how he treats them after their mother dies. There are some mild swears in the story and there are lots of difficult words in the book. I would suggest it for 8 years +.' Scarlett, age 7

Our Castle by the Sea by Lucy Strange

'Our Castle by the Sea is a wonderfully fantastic book. I finished it in less than a week! Sadness, happiness and betrayal all occur in this war-based wonder. I'd say a 10 to 11 year old would enjoy it most.'  Ella, age 10

Pages & Co. by Anna James

'I liked this book because it was very imaginative and exciting. It is about a girl called Tilly and a boy called Oskar. One day in her grandparents' bookshop , Anne of Green Gables and Alice of Wonderland visit her. It is then she discovers she can follow them into fictional worlds. Tilly thinks her mum is dead. But could Enoch Chalk hold the answers?'  Isla, age 10

The Way Past Winter by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

'This book is amazing. I could not put it down. It keeps you intrigued through all of it, with the mystery, the action, and the magical part. It captures you right at the start and only lets you out right at the end. It's incredible that there is a realistic part of it and at the same time it's mixed with magic. I would recommend this for 10 year olds.' Charlotte, age 10

Storm Hound by Claire Fayers

'This book is amazing! It's full of magic and makes you want to read more. In some places it makes you laugh out loud! All of the book is good so I don't have a favourite part. I would recommend Storm Hound for an 11 year old child and fans of Terry Pratchett. It's great!' Yumi, aged 9

Twelve Nights by Andrew Zurcher

'I really liked 'Twelve Nights because it was very descriptive and I therefore felt as if I was inside the book. It is about a young girl called Kay. Her father goes missing so Kay, along with her sister Ell, set off to find him. Will and Flip, two imps that appear in the middle of the night demanding her father's tooth, join her in their adventure.' Rose, age 10