The Weather Machine: How We See Into the Future by Andrew Blum


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‘This fascinating book reveals the existence and origins of surely one of our species’ greatest creations’ (MARK VANHOENACKER author of Skyfaring) – The Weather Machine is about a miraculous-but-overlooked invention that helps us through our daily lives – and sometimes saves them – by allowing us to see into the future. Shall we take an umbrella… or evacuate the city? When Superstorm Sandy hit North America weather scientists had predicted its arrival a full eight days beforehand saving countless lives and astonishing us with their capability. Their skill is unprecedented in human history and draws on nearly every major invention of the last two centuries: Newtonian physics telecommunications spaceflight and super-computing. In this gripping investigation Andrew Blum takes us on a global journey to explain this awe-inspiring feat – from satellites circling the Earth to weather stations far out in the ocean through some of the most ingenious minds and advanced algorithms at work today. Our destination: the simulated models they have constructed of our planet which spin faster than time turning chaos into prediction offering glimpses of our future with eery precision. This collaborative invention spans the Earth and relies on continuous co-operation between all nations – a triumph of human ingenuity and diplomacy we too often shrug off as a tool for choosing the right footwear each morning. But in this new era of extreme weather we may come to rely on its maintenance and survival for our own.

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