The Scotland Yard Puzzle Book by Sinclair McKay


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There is no image as timeless and fascinating as that of the 19th Century Scotland Yard detective. Their purpose: to uncover the crime and bring the criminal to justice, simple. But there work involves some of the hardest problem-solving imaginable and requires the highest levels of mental agility. Can you solve the puzzles these feats of detection have inspired? Since it opened its doors in 1829, Scotland Yard has used the science of detection to solve the most macabre of murders and catch the most audacious of thieves. ‘The Scotland Yard Puzzle Book’ takes a look through the history of this famous institution and recreates some of the most complex conundrums its detectives have ever faced. Technology can now shine a light on some of the most difficult cases, but the analytical mind needed to crack the clues remains as essential as ever.

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