The Real Thief by William Steig


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The charming story of a loyal and wrongly-accused goose by the author of Shrek! Gawain is a kind honest goose. He loves King Basil very much and while he does sometimes long for his pond and his prize cabbages he carries out his duties as Chief guard of the Royal treasury with utmost diligence. But then one day the treasure starts to disappear. As only Gawain and King Basil have the keys and the king is beyond reproach all eyes turn to the miserable goose. Much as Gawain protests much as he professes his innocence it is not to be: he is found guilty. While Gawain languishes in self-imposed exile the real thief realises that he has done an awful wrong. But does he have what it takes to confess? Can he clear the poor goose’s name and restore harmony to a kingdom?

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Dimensions 200 × 148 mm
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