The Life and Time of Lonny Quicke by Kirsty Applebaum



I really enjoyed reading this book. I think it is fascinating how well Kirsty conveys their personalities, especially those of Erin and Alison. My favourite character is Erin – I just love her friendship with Lonny! It’s really sad how it ends, but there is some happiness. I strongly recommend this book. Rating: 5/5. By: Charlotte (age 10).

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Lonny is a lifeling. He has the power to heal any living creature and bring it back from the dead. But he pays a price for this gift – by lengthening the creature’s life, he shortens his own.

So Lonny has to be careful, has to stay hidden in the forest. Because if people knew what he could do, Lonny would be left with no life at all… A brilliant novel from the author of The Middler about family, secrets and a terrible power.

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