The Lark (PWW) by E. Nesbit



‘This is jolly froth of the highest degree! So quintessentially of it’s time, it’s a perfect read for a Sunday afternoon. A way to forget reality and imagine yourself a child again, playing out the adult life you might have imagined for yourself aged 9 or 10 when you were deep into the adventures of plucky orphans – if only it were possible to make a living from selling flowers from your font door…’

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It’s 1919 and Jane and her cousin Lucilla leave school to find that their guardian has gambled away their inheritance, but left them with a small cottage outside London. Determined to become successful businesswomen, the cousins embark on a series of misadventures – setting up a flower shop, a guest house, and ignoring the attentions of male admirers – in a bid to secure their independence.

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