Summer Stories from Moominvalley by Tove Janssoon


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‘Moominsummer Madness’ – It all began with a hot day in June, and a volcano dropping black ash on Moominmamma’s washing. Then a crack appeared in the ground, and Moomintroll’s toothbrush slipped straight down into the dark and yawning earth. Then a great flood wave came crashing through Moomin Valley. And that was why the Moomins found themselves a new home, and why they all had so many strange adventures, ones that were odd even by Moomin standards. ‘Comet in Moominland’ – A comet is speeding towards Earth and nobody knows what to do! Will it destroy everything and everyone? Moomintroll decides to find out. So, with Sniff, he sets out on an expedition to ask the Professor if a comet is really on its way to destroy the Earth.

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