Ride a Cockhorse by Raymond Kennedy


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Forty five year old Frances Fitzgibbons is a loan officer at a New England bank, known for her polite discretion and kindly, tolerant disposition. Suddenly she transforms almost overnight: seducing a high school student, usurping her boss as vice president, and firing anyone who crosses her.

Once Frankie has found her voice – which arrives fully formed, without hesitation or thought – resistance if futile. It’s not long before she has a gang of devoted acolytes, including her hairdresser and son in law, and her plans to obliterate the competition can run unchecked.

First published in 1991 and set against the financial crisis of 1987, Ride a Cockhorse is a rollicking cautionary tale brimful of snappy dialogue and gleeful obscenity – and an irresistably compelling antiheroine.