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Reckonings: Legacies of Nazi Persecution and the Quest for Justice by Mary Fulbrook



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A single word-“Auschwitz”-is often used to encapsulate the totality of persecution and suffering involved in what we call the Holocaust. Yet a focus on a single concentration camp – however horrific however massively catastrophic its scale – leaves an incomplete story a truncated history. It cannot fully communicate the myriad ways in which individuals became tangled up on the side of the perpetrators and obscures the diversity of experiences among a wide range of victims as they struggled and died or managed against all odds to survive. In the process we also miss the continuing legacy of Nazi persecution across generations and across continents. Mary Fulbrook’s encompassing book expands our understanding exploring the lives of individuals across a full spectrum of suffering and guilt each one capturing one small part of the greater story. Reckonings seeks to explore the disjuncture between official myths about dealing with the past on the one hand and the extent to which the vast majority of Nazi perpetrators evaded justice on the other. The Holocaust is not mere history and the memorial landscape barely hints at the maelstrom of reverberations of the Nazi era at a personal level. Reckonings illuminates the stories of those who remained outside the media spotlight situating their experiences in changing wider contexts as both persecutors and persecuted sought to account for the past forge new lives and make sense of unprecedented suffering.

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