Porridge Of Knowledge by Archie Kimpton


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Magic gloop evil baddies and a ridiculous amount of food abound in this super-silly story Milk lives in the grubby seaside town of Slopp-on-Sea – a rubbish name for a rubbish town. But Milk’s life is pretty rubbish too so it fits. She loves her Granddad but nowadays he’s always wandering off somewhere or asking her befuddled questions. Then one day he comes back from one of his jaunts with a battered book in his hand containing a recipe for THE PORRIDGE OF KNOWLEDGE. Intrigued Milk enlists the help of her friend Carp to try the recipe. At first it looks like all they’ve managed to create is a lump of malodorous goo – but then they notice the ants (who have been nibbling the porridge) building a mashed potato replica of the leaning tower of Pisa… So they decide to try it out on themselves. And the results are incredible! Suddenly Milk and Carp are the cleverest people in town – and Granddad is back to his normal self. Milk and Carp are about to discover that sometimes a little bit of knowledge goes a long way…

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