PESTS by Emer Stamp



When I picked up this book I stayed in bed until I finished it, it was so good! I feel it was amazing because the storyline was great and the drawings too! I would really recommend it to anyone who enjoys dramatic stories.  Rating: 5/5  By: Elodie (age 8)

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Meet Stix – he is the size of an egg cup, can jump the width of a dog’s bottom, and loves cheese. That’s because Stix is a mouse. He probably lives behind your washing machine, but you wouldn’t know it, because his Grandma’s taught him to always stay out of trouble and never let the humans know he’s there. But now Stix has stumbled across PESTS – the Peewit Educatorium for Seriously Terrible Scoundrels, in the basement of his block of flats, and along with a whole host of new pesty friends (and enemies), he’s about to rip up Grandma’s rule book and make a real pest of himself. The book glows in the dark!

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Dimensions 184 × 152 × 16 mm
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