Light Perpetual by Francis Spufford


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‘This wise and deeply humane novel, Spufford’s first since the prize-winning Golden Hill, is a masterclass in precise observation, it’s supple prose hugely accomplished but never showy. What could have sprawled and become sentimental is made more poignant by the author’s control and selectivity.’

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November 1944. A German rocket incinerates a South London household-goods store, and five young lives are atomised in an instant. Jo and Valerie and Alec and Ben and Vernon are gone. But what if it were possible to resurrect them – to let them experience the extraordinary, unimaginable changes of the twentieth century; to live out all the personal triumphs and disasters, the second chances and redemptions denied them? What kind of future would there be for clever, impulsive Alec? What would happen to Val in the world of men, beckoning beyond her all-female household? What would become of Vern’s greed – and his helplessness in the face of song? Would light or darkness fill Ben’s fragile mind? And where would Jo go, with the music playing in her head?

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