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Land Beyond The by Leon McCarron



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There are many reasons why it might seem unwise to walk mostly alone through the Middle East. That in part is exactly why Leon McCarron did it.From Jerusalem McCarron followed a series of wild hiking trails that trace ancient trading and pilgrimage routes and traverse some of the most contested landscapes in the world. In the West Bank he met families struggling to lead normal lives amidst political turmoil and had a surreal encounter with the world’s oldest and smallest religious sect. In Jordan he visited the ruins of Hellenic citadels and trekked through the legendary Wadi Rum. His journey culminated in the vast deserts of the Sinai home to Bedouin tribes and haunted by the ghosts of Biblical history. The Land Beyond is a journey through time from the quagmire of current geopolitics to the original ideals of the faithful through the layers of history culture and religion that have shaped the Holy Land. But at its heart it is the story of people not politics and of the connections that can bridge seemingly insurmountable barriers.

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