Kay’s Anatomy: A Complete (and Completely Disgusting) Guide to the Human Body by Adam Kay



If you’re vaguely squeamish, this may not be the book for you! However… if you love your science, with lots of gory facts (did you know that your skin weighs more than a bowling ball?!), this is for you! For non-fiction, this is a real page-turner. In short, it made me laugh, the illustrations were amazing, and I learnt things. BONUS!  Rating: 4.5/5  By: Theo (age 12)

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Do you ever think about your body and how it all works? Like really properly think about it? The human body is extraordinary and fascinating and, pretty weird. Yours is weird, mine is weird, your maths teacher’s is even weirder. This book tells you what’s actually going on in there, and answers the really important questions, like: Are bogies safe to eat? Look, if your nose is going to all that effort of creating a snack, the least we can do is check out its nutritional value. (Yes, they’re safe. Chew away!) and How much of your life will you spend on the toilet? About a year – so bring a good book.

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