Island by Siri Ranva Hjel Jacobsen


Bookseller review by Julie

‘A real pleasure to read, this semi autobiographical story about family, home and what it means to belong allows you to switch off and get completely lost in the raw beauty of the Faroe Island environment.  Entrancing prose and a wonderful insight into migration and the pull of your roots, I loved this book, time stood still as the beautiful descriptions of the natural and human experience transported me to this stunning group of islands.’


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Family brings the young woman back to the Faroe Islands – the windswept, rocky northern archipelago where she has never lived but which she has always called home. There she finds her stories entwining with those of her ancestors as she searches for a way to connect with the culture and her kin. Is ‘home’ just a place name, or something more? Split across three generations of a Faroese family, rooted in the wild beauty of the islands and the author’s own history, this is a bewitching tale of exile, homecoming, and what it means to belong.