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Everything’s Perfect by Nicole Kennedy

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Published: 10 June 2021

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Can you ever have the perfect life? A smart and thought-provoking romantic comedy about motherhood, friendship and the quest for perfection in an Instagram age. Cassie Holliday is at the top of her game. A glamorous wife and mother with 1.3 million Instagram followers, she posts images of her gorgeous husband and cute (gender-neutral) twins online every day.

To her adoring fanbase, Cassie’s life is a string of perfect experiences in Valencia filter. But in real life, you can’t airbrush the truth. Cassie’s marriage is at breaking point, her finances are precarious, and she is terrified of every Insta-star’s worst nightmare: becoming irrelevant.

Then Cassie meets Beth, an anxious new mum who never ventures online. Finally, Cassie feels like she can be herself. They soon become each other’s lifeline, until a video of Beth goes viral, and their offline friendship tips into online rivalry.

In a world where everything is curated, what does it mean to have a perfect life?