Every Family Has a Story: How We Inherit Love and Loss by Julia Samuel



Bookseller Review by Kath: 

Julia Samuel writes beautifully about eight different families she has worked with, as a pyschotherapist. Each with a different set of issues, traumas, histories and hopes. Her ability to listen, to guide them through their anguish and into ways of healing is exceptional. We are drawn into each chapter and each family. Always there is hope and an outcome where Julia has managed to encourage family members to talk about their emotions and pain, confront issues from the deep past and emerge somehow stronger for it. Trauma can be carried across many generations and this book is totally absorbing in how it tells these families’ stories and how we ourselves can look afresh and understand our own family dynamics. Julia Samuel’s Grief Works and This Too Shall Pass were both bestsellers and Every Family Has A Story deserves to join them.


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With her usual warmth and wisdom, bestselling psychotherapist Julia Samuel explores the family: what we inherit and how we can change

Relationships fundamentally influence our health and happiness — and family is the only relationship that we cannot leave, however much we might like to. But we think too narrowly about the impact of our families on our lives.

Every Family Has A Story sees bestselling psychotherapist Julia Samuel turn from her work with individuals to sessions with a wide variety of families. Diving deep into eight case studies, with her usual storytelling panache and the latest academic research, she analyses a range of common issues including separation, step-relationships, leaving home, trauma and loss. In doing so, she reveals insightfully how deeply we are influenced by our families — including the often under-appreciated impact of grandparents and siblings — and offers universally applicable insights into how families can face challenges together. Her twelve touchstones for family wellbeing — from fighting productively to making time for rituals, and from setting boundaries to allowing difference — provide us with the tools to ultimately be better family members ourselves.

Revealing forgiveness and learning amidst trauma and hardship, this is an honest and compassionate meditation on what we inherit and how we can create the families we wish for.