Doctor Faustus (based on the A-text) by Christopher Marlowe


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In Christopher Marlowe’s ‘Doctor Faustus’, a distinguished scholar turns away from learning and embraces necromancy to satisfy his yearning for knowledge, power and influence. Faustus trades his soul to Lucifer for the secrets of the universe, only to find that satisfaction remains beyond his grasp. His quest for fame and thirst for knowledge eventually results in his damnation. One of the most spectacular and popular plays of the Elizabethan stage, the fantastical mix of high-minded theology and low-brow slapstick has allured generations of readers and playgoers in the ensuing centuries. This fully re-edited, modernised play text is accompanied by commentary notes, while its introduction will guide you through the fume of fact and legend that has accompanied the play across the centuries, from its premiere in the late 16th century to its most recent incarnation on stage and film.

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