Big Panda and Tiny Dragon by James Norbury


Reviewed by bookseller Grace:

“Fair warning this isn’t ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’, but it is truly, truly beautiful. Big Panda and Tiny Dragon distils Buddhist philosophy and marries it to beautiful illustrations, creating something you can read from end to end or pick up and open to find a uplifting message at random. It’s incredibly soothing, and absolutely wonderful.”

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Lost in the swirling mists they fall asleep under glittering stars. It is spring by the time they emerge and while they sit watching a warm sun rise, it dawns on them that another magnificent adventure awaits . . .

Beloved friends Big Panda and Tiny Dragon journey through the seasons of the year together. And, although they often get lost, it leads them to discover many beautiful things. They explore the hardships and happiness that connect us all. They learn how to live in the moment, how to be at peace with uncertainty and how to find the strength to overcome life’s obstacles, together.

Writer and artist James Norbury illustrates the adventures of Big Panda and Tiny Dragon, inspired by Buddhist philosophy and spirituality to share the ideas that have helped him through his most difficult times. He hopes they can help you too.