A Very Nice Girl by Imogen Crimp


Bookseller Review by Elle:

Anna is a struggling opera singer, living with her blunt best friend Laurie (a character that rang so true), paying rent for a room in the grimy and unkempt home of “The P’s”. However, when she meets wealthy, recently separated, and older Max, the two share a tumultuous relationship and Anna begins to question her career, her relationships, and herself… 

A book that easily lends itself to the emerging ‘Introspective Millennial’ literary genre (think Sally Rooney, Raven Leilani, Naoise Dolan etc.). However, it sets itself apart with characters that feel fully realised and vivid – I never felt like I didn’t understand Anna’s motives or actions. Max, on the other-hand, is incredibly enigmatic, however this is done very deliberately and you are left, like Anna, wondering: what is his deal? Even at the final chapter, I am unsure if I can trust Max – Imogen Crimp does a fabulous job at putting you in the main character’s shoes.

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Anna is struggling to afford life in London as she trains to be a singer. During the day, she vies to succeed against her course mates with their discreet but inexhaustible streams of cultural capital and money, and in the evening she sings jazz at a bar in the City to make ends meet. It’s there that she meets Max, a financier fourteen years older than her. Over the course of one winter, Anna’s intoxication oscillates between her hard-won moments on stage, where she can zip herself into the skin of her characters, and nights spent with Max in his glass-walled flat overlooking the city. But Anna’s fledgling career demands her undivided attention, and increasingly – whether he necessarily wills it or not – so does Max…