A Christmas in Time by Sally Nicholls



To me this book was actually surprisingly easier to read than expected. It also gives you quite a lot of education about Victorians while reading a fun adventure. I would recommend this book for ages 8-10 though it doesn’t fully matter. You should also read the first book before this one just to get a grip of what is happening, however it explains most of it in here.  Rating 4.5/5  By: Olivia (age 11)

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When Alex and Ruby fall through the mirror in their aunt’s house, they find themselves in a different historical period, each time with a different task to perform before they can return to the present. From Edwardian crime capers to Victorian Christmasses, their time-slip stories are always exciting and beautifully told. A Victorian Christmas is lovely – all the food and candles and games and singing – unless you’re poor, motherless Edith who is condemned to be sent to a cruel boarding school on Boxing Day. Can Alex and Ruby persuade her strict father that home is where the heart is instead?


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