Do You Want us to Sell Your Book?

We are keen to promote local authors and are always interested to hear from anyone in the exciting position of having written a book. However, please don’t be disheartened if we say ‘No’ to your book – what works for some bookshops doesn’t work for others. Our decisions about what to stock are based on our knowledge of our customers and what they like to read, what we have the expertise to sell, and what the level of local interest will be.

What you need to do

Here are some key points to think about. They are taken from an excellent guide, ‘Getting Your Book Stocked in a High Street Bookshop’, which you can find on the  Booksellers Association website or download from the link below.

  • Contact us by email – it gives us time to think about your proposal. Even if you want to show us the book in person please don’t visit unannounced – if you email first we can arrange a quick appointment with the appropriate buyer.
  • Give us a quick synopsis of the book and a little bit about who you are.
  • What is the selling price and what will it cost us?
  • How do we order it? Is it available through book trade wholesalers? How do we return unsold stock?
  • What marketing and publicity will you be undertaking to direct potential customers to us? If you sell copies direct to all your friends and family our potential market will be considerably reduced.
  • Look at the production quality – your book will have to compete for space and sales with books from publishers who invest a lot in design and presentation.
  • Read ‘Getting Your Book Stocked in a High Street Bookshop’ – it will give you many good tips for your current book and your next one.

Download full guide as PDF: Getting Your Book into a High Street Bookshop