Dialogue Book Lounge and Fane Events

Sevenoaks Bookshop is working in partnership with Dialogue Books and Fane to provide the books for their monthly events.

Dialogue Books is the home to a variety of stories from illuminating voices often excluded from the mainstream. Dialogue Books shines a spotlight on stories for, about and by readers from the LGBTQI+, disability, working class and BAME communities. The imprint has a clear focus of distinctive, cross-genre titles that spark a conversation across fiction, non-fiction, commercial and literary publishing.

Fane is an online production company, working with inspiring voices from the world of literature, podcasts, screen and stage.

A Night in with Clint Smith – 23rd June 2021

Book and ticket includes a copy of How the Word is Passed (RRP £20.00) and there is also a ticket only option.

Join poet, author and podcaster Clint Smith for, what is sure to be, an exciting and informative conversation. Clint will discuss the history of slavery, as well as discussing how slavery is still very much alive today – hidden in plain sight. Speaking to history and activism – this event is bound to be an enlightening and thought-provoking experience that will leave you feeling empowered.

How the World is Passed tells the story of Clint Smith’s visits to seven places that the work of enslaved people built. From Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello plantation; the Whitney plantation; Angola; a former plantation-turned-prison in Louisiana where black men are forced to work across 18,000 acre land for virtually no pay; and Blandford Cemetery, the final resting place for thousands of Confederate soldiers. Beyond being a travelogue – Smith paints a harrowing picture of slavery, both past and present.

For more information and to book a ticket: https://www.fane.co.uk/clint-smith

A Night in with Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah24th July 2021

Book and ticket includes a copy of The Sex Lives of African Women (RRP £18.99) and there is also a ticket only option.

Join feminist activist, writer, blogger, and debut author Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah to celebrate the release of The Sex Lives of African Women. Nana’s debut book amplifies the voices of African women as they discuss their diverse and varying experiences of sex, sexuality, love, and relationships.

In conversation for this event, Nana plans to discuss some of the stories from her collection – from finding queer women in Egypt, to living a polyamorous lifestyle in Senegal, to gaining understanding of the intersection of sex and religion in Cameroon – these stories are as individual and illuminating as the women who share them.

Bound to be an exciting and illuminating conversation – this event will provide a deep insight into women’s quest for freedom, and explores the complex tapestry of African women’s sexuality.

For more information and to book a ticket: https://www.fane.co.uk/nana-darkoa-sekyiamah