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Summer Reading for Children and Teens


Baby's First Bank Heist

Baby’s First Bank Heist
Jim Whalley    £6.99    (3+)
Move over, Bonnie and Clyde Baby Frank wants a pet, and he’s prepared to rob a bank to get it!

Fergus Barnaby Goes On Holiday

Fergus Barnaby Goes on Holiday
David Barrow  £6.99  (3+)
There’s something missing from Fergus’ suitcase…

Jabari Jumps

Jabari Jumps
Gaia Cornwall    £7.99    (3+)
A pool, a diving board, and a very determined little boy.

Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor

Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor
Patricia Valdez    £6.99    (4+)
Wonderful true story about the woman who loved reptiles!

Julian Is A Mermaid

Julian is a Mermaid
Jessica Love    £11.99    (3+)
The most beautiful book about a little boy who loves mermaids.

Picking Pickle

Picking Pickle
Polly Faber & Clara Vulliamy    £6.99    (3+)
Meet the handsome Geraldo, bouncy Boo-Boo, and not forgetting Poochy Petunia Wuffles-Winstanley.

Ruby Red Shoes

Ruby Red Shoes: A Very Aware Hare and Ruby Red Shoes: Goes to Paris
Kate Knapp    £9.99 each    (5+)
Ruby Red Shoes is a little hare with a big heart.

The Secret Sky Garden

Secret Sky Garden
Linda Sarah & Fiona Lumbers    £6.99    (2+)
Beautifully illustrated story about a 
little girl who turns a car park into a garden.


Boy Meets Hamster

Boy Meets Hamster
Birdie Milano    £6.99    (13+)
One thing stands in the way of 14 year old Dylan’s perfect holiday romance: the caravan park’s massive hamster mascot.

Charlie and Me

Charlie and Me
Mark Lowery    £5.99    (9+)
Two brothers are on the journey of a lifetime: 421 miles from Preston to Cornwell. And mum and dad don’t know they’ve gone.

In Paris With You

In Paris With You
Clementine Beauvais    £12.99    (15+)
10 years ago, Eugene and Tatiana missed their moment. Now they have a second chance at love when they meet again in Paris…

Leah on the Offbeat

Leah on the Offbeat
Becky Albertalli    £7.99    (13+)
Feel-good sequel to Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. This time Simon’s BFF Leah is centre-stage.

Race to the Bottom of the Sea

Race to the Bottom of the Sea
Lindsay Eagar    £6.99    (9+)
A girl kidnapped by treasure-hunting pirates.  

A Sky Painted Gold

A Sky Painted Gold
Laura Wood    £7.99    (14+)
Great Gatsby meets Eva Ibbotson in this summer romance set in a sleepy Cornish village.


Embassy of the Dead

Embassy of the Dead
Will Mabitt    £6.99    (9+)
First in an exciting new series: Jake is on the run from the Grim Reaper…

The House With Chicken Legs

The House With Chicken Legs
Sophie Anderson    £6.99    (9+)
Spooky and beautiful reimagining of the folktale of Baba Yaga.

King Coo

King Coo
Adam Stower    £6.99    (6+)
Fleeing from his school bully, Ben stumbles upon a hidden forest ruled by a bearded girl called Coo.

The List of Real Things

The List of Real Things
Sarah Moore Fitzgerald    £6.99    (12+)
Grace knows the line between truth and fantasy - or does she?

Max and the Millions

Max and the Millions
Ross Montgomery    £6.99    (9+)
Max’s hearing aids pick up the buzzing of a microscopic kingdom and he becomes embroiled in a fight to save its ant-sized people.

Mirror Magic

Mirror Magic
Claire Fayers    £6.99    (9+)
In a world where mirrors lead to the Unworld of Faerie, the town of Wyse is the only human town where magic works.

The Smoke Thieves

The Smoke Thieves
Sally Green    £7.99    (12+)
Five teenagers with the fate of the world in their hands. A fantasy adventure from the author of the Half Bad trilogy.

The Wicked Deep
Shea Ernshaw  £7.99  (11+)
Three long-dead witches return every summer to enact vengeance on the cursed town of Sparrow.


The Children of Castle Rock
Natasha Farrant  £6.99  (9+)
Absconding from the Great Orienteering Challenge, Alice and her teammates set off across the Scottish Highlands in search of a legendary castle.

The Colour of the Sun
David Almond      £12.99  (9+)
A boy has been killed and Davie think he knows who did it. From the author of Skellig.

Elizabeth and Zenobia
Jessica Miller  £6.99  (9+)
Peculiar things are happening at Witheringe House, especially in the forbidden East Wing.

The Goose Road
Rowena House  £7.99  (12+)
Angelique must trek across war-torn France with a pack of geese to save her family’s farm.

Kat Wolfe Investigates
Lauren St John  £6.99  (9+)
Pet-sitting should be an easy gig for a vet’s daughter - but then Kat’s first client disappears.

Peril in Paris
Katherine Woodfine  £6.99  (9+)
All aboard the train for Paris! It's 1911, and the young detectives of Taylor & Rose are turning their talents to espionage.

The Secret of the Night Train
Sylvia Bishop  £6.99  (9+)
A thrilling journey across Europe by train trying to unravel the mystery of a priceless missing diamond.

The Secret Seven: Mystery of the Skull
Pamela Butchart  £6.99  (7+)
Brand new Secret Seven story by an award-winning author.

Secrets of a Sun King
Emma Carroll  £6.99  (8+)
November 1922, Egypt. Lilian is starting to believe there’s truth to rumours of a pharaoh’s curse.

Shiny Pippin and the Monkey Burglars
Harry Heape  £6.99  (7+)
Featuring a new detective agency with a terrible mystery to solve!


Chasing Augustus
Kimberly Newton Fusco  £6.99  (9+)
When Rosie’s dog goes missing, she’ll do anything to find him.

The Funny Life of Pets
James Campbell  £6.99  (7+)
Discover hilarious facts you never knew about your pets.

The Goat
Anne Fleming  £6.99  (8+)
Rumour has it there’s a goat on the roof. And that’s not the strangest thing about Kid’s new home.

Poppy the Police Horse
Gavin Puckett & Tor Freeman  £6.99  (7+)
What Poppy can’t see she makes up for with her sense of smell.

Song of the Dolphin Boy
Elizabeth Laird  £6.99  (9+)
Exciting adventure about plastic pollution in our seas.

Wild Violet
Alex Latimer  £6.99  (5+)
Violet finds herself living in the monkey enclosure after Gran accidentally takes a monkey home from the zoo.


Hoakes Island: A Fiendish Puzzle Adventure
Helen Friel  £10.99  (7+)
Henry has gone missing and the island’s Amusement Park is in grave danger! Solve the mystery and save the island.

Now Make This
Thomas Barnthaler  £16.95  (5+)
24 DIY projects by designers for kids. The book for any child who wants to make their own drum kit or start a puppet theatre.

Pilot Academy, Doctor Academy and Science Academy
Steve Martin  £9.99 each  (7+)
Fun activity books with stickers, a poster and press-out models!

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