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Summer Reading List 2017


Superdad's Day Off
Phil Earle £6.99
Stanley's dad is the greatest superhero on the planet - and Stanley is determined to give him a day off (5+)

The Caravan Family and The Seaside Family
£5.99 each
Classic, fun-filled family adventures by Enid Blyton. (6+)

There's a Werewolf in My Tent
Pamela Butchart £6.99
Izzy's school camping trip takes a hairy turn. (7+)

Louie Makes A Splash
Rachel Hamilton £5.99
Meet Louie, a unicorn searching for stardom in New York City! (7+)

The Bolds on Holiday
Julian Clary £6.99
A well-deserved family holiday goes horribly wrong when Bobby Bold is taken by a notorious dog-napper. (7+)

My Brother's Famous Bottom Makes A Splash
Jeremy Strong £5.99
Nicholas and his family are off to Turkey and mayhem is imminent. (7+)

Coyote Summer
Mimi Thebo £6.99
Exiled to her aunt's farm in Kansas, Jules finds solace in her dancing and the wild coyote she befriends. (9+)

Ally Condie £6.99
Cedar moves to a new town, makes a new friend, and unearths a 20-year-old mystery (10+)

Roller Girl (Graphic novel)
Victoria Jamieson £7.99
12 year old Astrid does everything with her best friend, until she signs up for a roller derby while Nicole goes to ballet summer camp. (9+)

Summer Days + Summer Nights
12 Summer romances from leading YA authors. (12+) £7.99

Clementine Beauvais £7.99
Three friends set off on a summer road trip to Paris funny and life-affirming. (12+)

One Silver Summer
Rachel Hickman £6.99
Crumbling Cornish castles, a summer romance, and a secret (13+)



The Fox and the Ghost King
Michael Morpurgo £5.99
Football loving foxes in a delightful tale of victory against all odds. (7+)

The Adventures of Miss Petitfour
Anne Michaels £6.99
Five irresistible stories about a baking, flying, cat-lady. (7+)

Mold and the Poison Plot
Lorraine Gregory £6.99
Unlikely hero Mold is in a thrilling race against time (and monsters) to save his guardian Aggy from the hangmans noose. (8+)

The Tale of Angelino Brown
David Almond £10.99
When a little angel turns up in bus driver Bert Brown’s pocket, chaos follows. (8+)


The Boy Who Went Magic
A.P. Winter £6.99
A flying pirate ship takes schoolboy Bert on a fantastical adventure. (9+)

The Boy, The Bird and The Coffin Maker
Matilda Woods £6.99
Can Tito and his magical bird find shelter and safety with old Alberto the coffin maker? (9+)

Fly Me Home
Polly Ho-Yen £6.99
Adjusting to life in a new country, Leelu is surprised by the curious gifts left outside her house which give her wonderful magical powers… (9+)



Cream Buns and Crime
Robin Stevens £6.99
Untold stories – and sleuthing tips – 5 different cases from the popular Wells and Wong Detective Agency. (9+)

The Mummy’s Revenge (S.C.R.E.A.M. 1)
Andrew Beasley £6.99
A rotten Egyptian mummy is rampaging through the street of Edinburgh seeking rubies and revenge. (9+)

Goodly and Grave in a Bad Case of Kidnap
Justine Windsor £6.99
Children are disappearing from Grave Hall. Can Victorian bootgirl Lucy solve the mystery? (9+)

Bigfoot, Tobin & Me
Melissa Savage £6.99
Lemonade Witt moves to a new town and reluctantly joins a quest. (9+)

Letters from the Lighthouse
Emma Carroll £6.99
Evacuated to the Devon coast during  WWII, Olive and Cliff are sent to stay with a mysterious lighthouse keeper. (9+)

Beyond the Bright Sea
Lauren Wolk £6.99
In 1913, a newborn baby washes ashore on a tiny windswept island on the Massachusetts coast. 12 years later, she sets off to discover why. (9+)

Where the World Ends
Geraldine McCaughrean £9.99
St Kilda 1727, three men and nine boys are marooned on a remote sea stack. Inspired by a true story. (10+)

The Pavee and the Buffer Girl
Siobhan Dowd £12.99
Jim Curran is forced into the local school when his Irish Traveller family halt in the town of Dundray. Graphic novel. (12+)

A Castle in England
Jamie Rhodes £14.99
Five graphically illustrated stories based on the dark history of Kent’s Scotney Castle. (12+)


The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop
Clare Balding £6.99
Can Charlie turn her chaotic family into a top training team? (7+)

A Race for Toad Hall
Tom Moorhouse £5.99
Mr Toad returns - just in time to save Toad Hall! (7+)


Llama United
Scott Allen £6.99
Weird and wacky story about footballing llamas! (8+)

Aubrey and the Terrible Ladybirds
Horatio Clare £7.99
A boy and a house spider try to save the world in the sequel to Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot. (9+)

The Crowstarver
Dick King-Smith £6.99
Foundling Spider Sparrow has an uncanny gift with animals. (9+)

The Incredible Billy Wild
Joanna Nadin £6.99
When a greyhound turns up in Billy Wild’s shed, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. (9+)

Good Dog McTavish
Meg Rosoff £6.99
When Mum goes on strike, the Peachey family is in crisis – can McTavish sort them out? (9+)


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: My Adventure Field Guide 
Plants, animals, bugs, birds, the weather, and so much more! (6+)

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: My Explorer’s Journal
Record your findings, complete pictures, and preserve leaves and flowers. (6+)

The Anti-Boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor Things to Do
Andy Seed £5.99
Learn how to set bug traps, create a rainbow, design a mini parachute and more! (7+)

Complete Night Explorer’s Kit
Become a night-time nature explorer with this brilliant activity backpack, which includes its own LED torch, constellation guide and glow-in-the-dark stickers. (7+)

Go Wild in the Woods
Rachael Saunders £7.99
Survival guide on what to pack, how to build a shelter, how to craft your own tools - and of course how to avoid poisonous mushrooms or starting a bushfire. (8+)

Bear Grylls’ Survival Skills Handbook: Maps and Navigation
Learn to use a compass, take a bearing, and find true north using only the night sky. (9+)

Bear Grylls’ Survival Skills Handbook: Camping  
ll you need to know about how to set up camp, build a fire and take care of yourself in the wilderness. (9+)


Out of the Box
25 incredible craft projects you can make from cardboard. (7+)

Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover
Matilda Ramsay £20.00
60 simple, delicious recipes to make for family and friends. (10+)

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