Children’s Catalogues

Christmas Reading for Children and Teens

Christmas  Crackers

A Peter  Rabbit Tale: A Christmas Wish
Will the four little bunnies get what they want for Christmas? (3+)

Santa Selfie
Peter Bently     £6.99
Santa decides to go on holiday for Christmas but his celebrity status starts to drive him mad. (3+)

All I Want for Christmas
Rachel Bright     £6.99
What does Mummy Penguin want for Christmas? (3+)

Oliver Elephant
Lou Peacock     £6.99
Oliver Elephant gets lost on a Christmas shopping trip. (3+)

A Christmas Advent Story
Hannah Tolson & Ivy Snow     £12.99
Lift the flaps on each page as everyone prepares for Christmas. (3+)

Last Stop on the Reindeer Express
Maudie Powell-Tuck     £12.99
When Mia goes inside a post box, she enters a magical world. (3+)

Polly and the Puffin: The Happy Christmas
Jenny Colgan     £7.99
Polly and her puffin are desperate for it to be Christmas even though it is only November. (5+)

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: Jingle Bells
Tracey Corderoy     £5.99
Someone has stolen Santa’s presents, can Shifty and Sam solve the mystery? (5+)

One Christmas Wish
Katherine Rundell     £14.99
A charming and magical story for Christmas Eve. (5+)

Santa Claude
Alex T. Smith     £5.99
Who is coming down Claude’s chimney? Is it a burglar or is it Father Christmas? (5+)

The Twelve Days of Christmas
Illus. Anna Wright     £9.99
An illustrated book of the famous song lyrics. (5+)

I Killed Father Christmas
Anthony McGowan     £6.99
JoJo has killed Father Christmas. How will he save the day? (7+)

Bah! Humbug!
Michael Rosen     £10.99
A retelling of Dickens’ famous tale for children. (7+)

Father Christmas and Me
Matt Haig     £12.99
The Easter Bunny threatens to stop Christmas! (9+)

Christmas Dinner of Souls
Ross Montgomery     £8.99
A dinner for those who hate Christmas – who can tell the most terrifying tale? (9+) 

Almost Midnight
Rainbow Rowell     £9.99
Two romantic festive short stories. (12+)


Gorgeous Gifts

Paddington Pop-Up London
Travel through pop-up scenes of London with Paddington Bear. (3+)                                 

The Bear and the Piano Sound Book
David Litchfield     £14.99
A bear finds a piano and learns to play, with real music. (3+)

Ella Bella Ballerina and the Magic Toyshop
James Mayhew     £12.99
Ella Bella must save two dolls in the toyshop who are going to be sold to different families. (3+)

The World of Moominvalley
Tove Jansson & others     £35.00
Everything you need to know about the Moomins. Plus new hardback editions of these well-loved stories are available for £10.99! (5+) 

Greatest Magical Stories
Chosen by Michael Morpurgo     £14.99
Twelve stories from around the world. (7+)          

The Glassmaker’s Daughter
Dianne Hofmeyr     £12.99
A glassmaker offers a reward to anyone who can make his daughter smile. (7+)

My Miniature Library
Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini      £14.99
30 tiny books to make, read and treasure. (7+)                

The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker
Jessica Courtney-Tickle     £14.99
Read the story of The Nutcracker while listening to Tchaikovsky’s music from the ballet. (7+)

Norse Myths
Kevin Crossley-Holland     £18.99
Atmospheric retellings, beautifully illustrated by Jeffrey Alan Love. (9+)


The Mystery of the Empire Maze Tower
Hiro Kamigaki     £14.99
A new maze challenge adventure for Pierre the Maze Detective. (9+)

Hilary McKay’s Fairy Tales
Ten classic tales retold with style and humour. (9+) 

This Book is a Planetarium
Kelli Anderson     £35.00
Transforms into six extraordinary, fully functional, scientific pop-up contraptions. (12+)



Fish Dream of Trees
Axel Scheffler & Frantz Wittkamp     £12.99
And other curious verses. Adapted by Roger McGough. (7+)

I’m Just No Good at Rhyming
Chris Harris     £14.99
… and other nonsense for mischievous kids and immature grown-ups. (8+)

A Poem for Every Day of the Year
Edited by Allie Esiri     £16.99
Inspiring anthology to complement last year’s ‘A Poem for Every Night of the Year’. (10+)


Fascinating Facts

Jolly Good Food
Allegra McEvedy     £14.99
Recipes inspired by Enid Blyton’s most loved books. (6+)

A History of Sevenoaks
Janet Davies     £7.99
Especially written for young people but fascinating for all ages! (7+)

All Aboard the Discovery Express
Emily Hawkins     £14.99
A lift-the-flap adventure; discover the history of transport. (7+)

Goal! Football As You’ve Never Seen It Before
DK     £12.99
A feast of football facts. (8+)

The Incredible Cabinet of Wonders                       
Lift the doors to see artefacts from museums all around the world. (8+)

Pirates Magnified
David Long     £14.99
Discover and spot all aspects of pirate life, with a free magnifying glass. (8+)

Curiosity: The Story of the Mars Rover
Markus Motum     £15.00
Learn about the Mars mission from the perspective of Curiosity, the rover. (8+)

Lily Murray     £20.00
A page and illustration for every type of dinosaur. (9+)

What We See in the Stars
Kelsey Oseid     £12.99
Beautifully illustrated guide to every aspect of the solar system. (9+)

Dr Kelly Weinersmith & Zach Weinersmith     £20.00
10 emerging technologies that will improve and/or ruin everything. Witty and entertaining. (12+)



Here We Are
Oliver Jeffers     £14.99
Notes for living on Planet Earth. A charming illustrated welcome for the very young. (2+)

Franklin’s Flying Bookshop
Jen Campbell & Katie Harnett     £11.95
A book-loving dragon finds a friend. (3+)                

Diamond in the Snow
Jonathan Emmett     £6.99
Mole finds a diamond but is puzzled when it disappears. (3+)

The Snow Lion
Jim Helmore     £6.99
Charming tale about making new friends. (3+)

Penguin Problems
Jory John     £6.99
A moody penguin finds out life is not so bad after all! (3+)

Katinka’s Tail
Judith Kerr     £12.99
An ordinary cat with a not-so-ordinary tail. (3+)

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: Snowglobe Gift Book
Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury     £12.99
A festive flurry for this favourite classic. (3+)

The Bad Mood and the Stick
Lemony Snicket     £11.99
Sometimes it takes a bad mood to make everything right. (3+)

The Wolf, The Duck and The Mouse
Mac Barnett, illus. Jon Klassen     £12.99
‘I may have been swallowed,’ said the duck, ‘but I have no intention of being eaten.’  (4+)

Hortense and the Shadow
Natalia & Lauren O’Hara     £10.99
Hortense hates her shadow but finds she can’t live without it. (5+)

Terrific Tales

Deep in the Woods
Christopher Corr     £5.99
A beautifully illustrated retelling of a classic Russian folk tale! (3+)

Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure
Alex T. Smith     £9.99
Can Mr Penguin help the museum find the missing treasure? (6+)

My Naughty Little Sister: A Treasury Collection
Dorothy Edwards     £12.99
A selection of stories, celebrating 65 years of My Naughty Little Sister. (7+)

The Creakers *
Tom Fletcher     £12.99
All the grown-ups have disappeared.  (7+)

Sky Dancer *
Gill Lewis     £6.99
Joe finds himself stuck in the middle of a community divided by nesting Hen Harriers. (7+)

Mary in London and Mary in America
Gwynedd Rae     £8.99 each
Reissues of these tales of a rather unusual bear! (7+)

Witch for a Week
Kaye Umansky     £6.99
When Elsie Pickles housesits for a local witch, it turns into a magical disaster. (7+)

Eloise Undercover *
Sarah Baker     £6.99
Adventure, courage and friendship in occupied France. (9+)

The Wizards of Once *
Cressida Cowell     £12.99
New, thrilling fantasy adventure series from a favourite writer. (9+)

The Hippo at the End of the Hall *
Helen Cooper     £10.99
Can Ben save the animals from being taken away from their home in the magical museum? (9+)

The Song from Somewhere Else
A.F. Harrold     £7.99
There’s more to Frank’s new friend, and his house, than meets the eye… (9+)

Michael Morpurgo     £14.99
A surprising, charming and uplifting twist on The Wizard of Oz, as told by Dorothy’s dog. (9+)

Sara Pennypacker     £6.99
Peter, a fox called Pax, and their epic journey to be reunited. (9+)

The Dollmaker of Krakow
R.M. Romero     £12.99
Magic, folklore and history in wartime Poland. (9+)

The Land of Neverendings *
Kate Saunders     £10.99
Adventures in a land powered by imagination. (9+)

The Explorer
Katherine Rundell     £12.99
Four children must find a way home after a plane crash in the Amazon jungle. (9+)

Nevermoor *
Jessica Townsend     £12.99
Morrigan Crow must pass the tests to enter the secret city of Nevermoor before it’s too late. (9+)

The Murderer’s Ape *
Jakob Wegelius     £16.99
When her owner is accused of murder, Sally Jones sets out to clear his name. (9+)

Nicholas Bowling     £6.99
Darkness, magic and intrigue in Elizabethan London. (12+)

The Rasputin Dagger
Theresa Breslin     £7.99
Romance and intrigue as the revolution takes hold in Russia. (12+)

Sarah Crossan     £12.99
Joe’s brother is on death row. A story of life, death, love and forgiveness. (12+)

Things a Bright Girl Can Do
Sally Nichols     £12.99
Three courageous young women join the fight for the vote. (12+)

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